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Membership is open to any person who holds at least a Cayman Islands Commercial Pilot's License.


What We Promote

The interests of the airline pilots’ profession and to safeguard the rights of the individual members of The Association.

The strict adherence to all laws, rules and regulations prescribed for general safety in the operation of aircraft.

Maintaining a high standard of ethics, conduct, skill and efficiency among the members of The Association.

Co-operation, understanding and closer association among airline pilots in the Cayman Islands and promote an exchange among them of information on all matters affecting the airline industry of the Cayman Islands.

What We Aim

To negotiate and secure suitable group insurance or annuities upon the lives of the members of the Association to create benefits for sickness, accident or superannuation or other arrangements for improving the financial security of the members of the Association and their dependents.

To sponsor and support legislation and regulations affecting airlines and the airline industry as a whole which may improve working conditions or ensure to the greater safety or benefits of airline pilots.


Meetings are held from time-to-time to discuss and vote on various issues. The time and place of such meetings will be communicated by the Secretary or other members of the Executive Committee via email to all members, generally several days in advance.


Collas Crill Corporate Services Ltd.
2nd Floor Willow House
Cricket Square, George Town

P.O. Box 709
Grand Cayman KY1-1107
Cayman Islands


If you are interested in becoming a Member of CAPA, complete the form below.

    Membership is effective upon approval by the Executive Committee. By joining, applicants agree to abide by all CAPA Regulations and by-Laws as stated in our Memorandum and Articles of Association. Application Fee is C.I.$100. Monthly Dues are C.I.$25. Both are to be included with application and are refunded if application for membership is refused.